Thursday, April 15, 2010

Show and hide slot details

A new feature of SignupAhead is that you can select which slot details are shown on the signup link. From the Create or Manage page select "Show slot details" to pick whether you want to show

  • Name, Time, and Description
  • Just Name
  • Name and Description
  • Name and Time

Name, Time, and Description show all the slot details. Use this for sheets like booth duty where you need to specify both a shift time and location.

Just Name only asks for the volunteer's name and email. This is perfect for when you just need a list of names, like people attending a seminar.

Name and Description is useful for potlucks and barbecues, where you want people to sign up to bring something, but everyone will be arriving at the same time.

Name and Time works well for classroom volunteers or preparing meals for a family with a newborn, when you need people to cover specific dates or times.

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