Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Features and Fixes

Many changes found their way into the latest update for Signup Ahead.

New Features:

By popular demand, you can delete sheets either from the Manage page or the My Sheets page.

You can also copy a sheet from the Manage page.

The Manage page and CSV export now include the date and time when a slot was claimed.

Bugs Fixed:

Reload now works correctly on the Manage page. (Previously, reloading after saving changes would re-save the sheet, possibly discarding signups that happened after the last save. Ugh.)

The slot checkboxes now check and uncheck properly in both edit (pencil) and view (magnifying glass) mode on the Manage page. (There were a few cases where unchecking a checkbox would not clear both, causing some actions to apply to the wrong slots.)

Signup slots on the Manage page are now marked with "autocomplete off". (If you were logged in, some browsers would automatically fill all slots with your email, signing you up for every slot.)